Whatever the genre, whatever the format, if it can be shot on film or video, Don Warren Film & Video can get the job done.


  • Feature Films
  • National Commercials
  • Music Videos
  • Live Concerts
  • Live Sports
  • Documentaries
  • Industrials
  • Network News Magazines
    ...and more!


With over thirty years of experience as a shooter, Don has shot in virtually every format, from DV, BetaSP, HD video and 4K to 16, 35 and 70 millimeter film.


Don's location work hasn't been limited to the United States, it's taken him around the world; the South Pacific, Ukraine, England and Honduras, just to name a few. Don’s camera work has even gone into space, as he helped rig the 35mm Arriflex cameras onboard the Space Shuttle; teaching three astronaut crews how to operate them.


Getting back down to Earth, Don has built a reputation as a highly-creative and thoroughly dependable director of photography. Whether working on national spots and feature films, or with skeleton crews on documentaries or low-budget industrials, Don brings the same energy and vision to his work.


In addition to his various film and video packages, Don is also an expert in the operation of the Jimmy Jib Triangle camera crane.


You’ve probably seen his crane operating in the feature My Dog Skip, Elvis Costello Live Concert and Duck Dynasty, also in many regional and national commercials. But here’s the best proof of Don’s quality jib work: When Stanton Video Services, the creator of the Jimmy Jib Triangle, needed their own product demo, Don’s the guy they asked to shoot it.


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